Contract Negotiations on Behalf of Producers

Revenue Cycle Management

Compliance and Reporting


Ongoing Monitoring/Assurance Studies


Economic Studies

Contract negotiations on behalf of producers

  • Oil, gas, & NGL sales
  • Oil, gas, & NGL pipeline agreements
  • Short and long-term oil and gas commercial transportation
  • CO2 treatment facilities (amine units)
  • Production handling agreements

Revenue Cycle Management, Compliance, and Reporting

  • Royalty Interest Payment Calculation and Distribution Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Management – including calculation and remittance of royalties, severance taxes and other government related fees
  • Complete and submit all necessary Federal and State reporting
  • Distribute monthly statements for accurate accounting of Oil, Gas, and NGL sales.

Ongoing Monitoring / Assurance Services

  • Gas sales nominations
  • Oil and gas prices
  • Field and pipeline imbalances
  • Oil and gas sales invoice reconciliations
  • Accurate cash receipts for oil, gas, and NGL sales

Economic Studies

  • Oil, gas, & NGL pipeline economics for planned projects
  • Production allocation development and evaluation